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Love Yourself!

How do you feel first thing in the morning? Are you confident, energized, and ready to take on the day? Not so much? Read on!

Not all of us wake up feeling like our best selves. That’s why it helps to start the day with a little self-care. (And we’re not just talking to the ladies, guys!) A ritual morning coffee is a favorite way to give yourself some me-time, along with an energy boost. But what if your coffee came with confidence-boosting benefits, too?

Best Face Forward

It’s easier to feel like your best self when you look the part. That’s why, for many women, self-care includes some beauty pampering. We’re here for that – in fact, we put the pampering right into your coffee.

Our JBA Hello Beautiful functional caffe latte is delicious instant coffee infused with collagen peptides, skin-loving nutrients, and traditional Japanese beauty botanicals for fresh, luminous skin.* It’s like a whole skincare routine in a cup.

Collagen is a superstar beauty ingredient that’s been getting all kinds of buzz for its anti-aging benefits. It’s the protein in your skin that keeps it firm and supple.* But as collagen levels

naturally decline with age, skin becomes looser and shows more lines. Hello Beautiful caffe latte delivers 1,000 mg of collagen peptides in every cup to help replenish your collagen levels for younger-looking skin.*

We also added vitamin E to help protect against free radical damage that can prematurely age the skin, plus a special blend of Asian beauty botanicals. Available in original and zero sugar formulas, Hello Beautiful’s got everything you need to bring out that inner glow.

Get Up and Go

Sexual vitality is an important part of men’s well-being and confidence. Why not start the day with a little extra mojo in your cup?

Our JBA Stanomax Caffe Latte is rich, invigorating instant coffee infused with traditional male potency herbs like kali musli and Korean ginseng, which have been used in Asia to support men’s sexual health and vitality for generations. (We also added 1,000 mg collagen peptides, because guys want to look good, too.) If you like a little sweetness in your cup, choose Stanomax original. If you’re more of a black coffee kind of guy, go for the zero sugar version.

And because no one needs jitters with their coffee – or with their lovin’ – we now offer Stanomax with Hemp Extract. Hemp has naturally occurring cannabinoids that can help calm the nerves and combat the jittery effects of caffeine, so you can keep it cool and play it smooth.*

A little self-care can go a long way toward boosting your mood, energy, and confidence as you get ready to take on the day. Show yourself some extra love with a pampering Hello Beautiful Caffe Latte or a revitalizing Stanomax Caffe Latte to help bring out your best self.

* FDA disclaimer

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