JBA Stanomax Zero Sugar Functional Caffe Latte


Awaken your power with a cup of JBA™ STANOMAX Zero Sugar Functional Caffe Latte. This delicious, rich instant coffee is infused with 1000 mg Marine Collagen Peptides, traditional Asian male potency herbs to maximize men’s desire, performance, and stamina.*

Proud to be listed on The National Library of Medicine’s DAILYMED

Discover rich and creamy JBA™ Stanomax Zero Sugar Functional Caffe Latte

  • 1000 mg Marine Collagen Peptides
  • Amino Acids, and Proprietary blend including: Cordyceps, Aloe Vera Extract, Elastin, Kali Musi, Korean Ginseng Extract

Package Quantity:15

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With 1000 mg Collagen peptides and Traditional Asian Male Potency Herbs*

  • Increases desire*
  • Boosts performance*
  • Enhances stamina

Coffee is a natural stimulant that boosts your energy and improves your performance, giving you more pleasure and
satisfaction from sex.* It also increases healthy blood flow, helping to enhance your stamina in the bedroom.*

Collagen Peptides 

Collagen is a key structural protein that keeps your tissues firm and healthy.* While most people associate collagen with supporting the structure of the skin and joints, it is also a major component of the penis.* Unfortunately, collagen levels naturally decline with age. STANOMAX delivers 1,000 mg collagen peptides to help replenish what time takes away.

Botanical Blend 

Traditional Asian herbs such as cordyceps, Korean ginseng, kali musli, and aloe vera have been used to support sexual desire and potency for generations.*

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