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Rejuvenate skin, hair and nail

ATIV BEAUTY effervescent tablet is packed with Collagen peptides Biotin Vitamin C, D , E and B2. Helps replenish Biotin and Collagen levels in your body for healthier, younger looking skin with more snap and les wrinkles.

  • CONTAINS 100% daily value of Vitamin C, D, E, Riboflavin, Biotin, and Selenium per tablet. Contains 500 mg Collagen Peptides per tablet.
  • Support your beauty from the inside out. ATIV Beauty Effervescent Tablets helps replenish Biotin and Collagen levels in your body for healthier looking skin, hair and nails.
  • Contains 20 effervescent tablets. Pasion Fruit Flavor. Made in the USA.
  • Delicious passion fruit flavor. Simply dissolve tablet in 8 ounces of water. Wait for the tablet to dissolve. Sip and enjoy. Take 1 tablet daily for best results.

Package Quantity:  20 effervescent tablets /tube




  • Cacao
  • Collagen Peptides 1000mg
  • Herbals & Actrisave ™
  • Keratin Peptides, MSM, Amino Acids

Help Supports:

  • Boosts circulation to the scalp*
  • Strengthens and replenishes hair*
  • Promotes hair growth*

Package Quantity: 15

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