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Love Your Hair!

Does your hair break every time you brush it? Do clumps of your hair come out in the shower? If so, your hair could use some extra love.

Imagine you could sip a delicious hot cacao (the raw form of cocoa), and within 10-20 days, your hair was stronger and stopped falling out so much. Imagine that, after two months, your hair started growing more.

It’s not just wishful thinking. Raw cacao is a superfood with natural hair-boosting benefits. It’s rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help nourish healthy hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and protecting against oxidative stress that can damage and age your hair.*

Our Love is in the Hair functional hot cacao drink powder is the perfect way to show your hair a little TLC. It starts with rich, raw cacao and adds hair-nourishing nutrients and botanicals, plus structural proteins like collagen and keratin to help replenish your hair from the inside out.*

Here are some of the active ingredients in Love is in the Hair, and how they can help support healthy hair growth.*

Structural Proteins

Your hair is made up of about 95% keratin, which gives it strength and elasticity. Collagen does the same thing for your skin – including your scalp, which supports the hair roots. However, both of these structural proteins naturally decrease with age. Stressors such as heat and chemicals can also lead to keratin loss. (We’re looking at you, hair dryers, straighteners, and dyes!)

Love is in the Hair  includes 2,000 mg collagen peptides and 500 mg keratin peptides to help replenish these important proteins and support a healthy scalp and healthy hair structure.* We also included 1,250 mg MSM, a natural sulfur compound that may help strengthen keratin.*

Beauty Botanicals

Botanical extracts have been used in traditional folk medicine to support natural beauty for generations. Our formula features Actrisave, a patented extract of black rice and cactus flower. The powerful antioxidants in these traditional botanicals help protect hair dermal papilla cells, which supports healthy hair formation.*

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals like zinc, biotin, selenium, folate, and vitamin C work at the cellular level to help support healthy hair growth and repair.* They encourage healthy cell turnover, support keratin production, and help protect against damaging free radicals that can weaken and prematurely age your hair.*

Nurture yourself and your hair with a delicious cup of Love is in the Hair hot cacao. You’ll fall in love at first sip!

* FDA disclaimer

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