A new way to get your nutrients

At JBA™, we know firsthand the power of nutritional supplements to impact the way you look and feel. But swallowing a bunch of pills every day can get tiresome. (There’s a reason it’s called “pill fatigue.”) Luckily, there IS another way!

One day, our founder Tracy Nguyen was hosting a game night for her friends and decided to serve mocktails. A little orange juice, a little strawberry, a little pomegranate, a little mint, and soon she had herself a delicious drink.

Tracy hadn’t taken her collagen yet that day, so she decided to open some collagen capsules, add them to the mocktail, and see if they dissolved. Sure enough, they did — without affecting the taste of the drink one smidge! That’s when she had her eureka moment. All her friends agreed that if they could get their collagen in a drink this tasty, they would take it every day.

Within a month, Tracy had created her first pilot batch of what is now JBA’s Collagen Mocktail™. Realizing she had hit nutritional gold, Tracy considered some other drinks she enjoyed regularly, like the steaming cup of Vietnamese coffee that started her day and the indulgent cup of hot cacao that perked up her afternoon.

Inspired, Tracy went on to formulate JBA’s Hot Cacao and Caffe Latte lines of products. The end result is multi-functional drink powders that are so rich, flavorful, and delicious, you’ll look forward to taking your supplements!

advantages of JBA multi-functional drink powders
  • The yum factor
    JBA™ isn’t the first company to make nutrients drinkable. But we are the first ones to incorporate nutrients into delectably delicious, artisan-crafted beverages like our rich and chocolatey hot cacao, our aromatic and full-bodied caffe lattes, and our bright and fruity mocktails.
  • The ease factor
    If you’re like us, you take more than one nutritional supplement a day. The last thing you want to do is add more pills to your regimen! JBA™ products offer an easy, pill-free way to get the health and beauty benefits you’re after.
  • The absorption factor
    Tablets, capsules and softgels need to be broken down before they can release the nutrients they contain. Unfortunately, plenty of tablets only partially break apart, or don’t break apart at all. All of the nutrients in JBA’s multi-functional drink powders are available for immediate absorption, because there are no pills to break down.
  • The convenience factor
    What’s easier: counting out and transferring pills into a container before you travel, or tossing a few drink powder packets into your purse or suitcase? We thought so. All JBA™ products come in pre-measured packets that make it easy to stay healthy and beautiful, wherever your travels take you.
  • The potency factor
    At JBA™, we love powders because you can fit a lot more nutrients into a powder than a tablet. Because our powders contain higher potencies of active ingredients, they work better than lower-potency tablets, capsules and softgels.
notes to every formula

We took a page from fragrance designers — who combine top notes, heart notes, and base notes to create beautiful, full-bodied scents — in crafting our innovative formulas.

  • Top notes
    Top notes are ingredients that are specific in their action and deliver benefits you notice right away. They constitute the formula’s first impression.
  • Heart notes
    Heart notes work at a deeper level than top notes and have broader-ranging effects. They are the body, or heart, of the formula.
  • Base notes
    Base notes do the deepest dive of all, gently harmonizing our systems to promote long-term, total-body health. They make up the formula’s foundation.
complete wellness product

Start with a scrumptious drink…add a trio of top note, heart note, and base note functional ingredients… package in convenient, single-serving packets…and you get one complete wellness product.

Fall in love at first sip!
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