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Introducing Collagen-BeThin, Love is in the Hair, and Stanomax with Hemp Extract!

Meet the newest members of the JBA family! Our 3 new drink powders come with functional
ingredients to help your waistline, your hair, and your sex life.* Keep reading to find out more!

Collagen-BeThin Mocktail ™
With Psyllium Fiber and CurCousin ™

Our newest collagen mocktail doesn’t just nurture your skin, it also includes functional
ingredients to help support a healthy weight and metabolism.* (And with the addition of orange
juice powder, it tastes great!)

Our fave is CurCousin, ™ a bioactive ingredient sourced from black turmeric, which has been
studied for its effects on cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight management. In a clinical study,
CurCousin ™ was found to support healthy weight by inhibiting the formation of fat cells!*1 Every
serving of Collagen-BeThin™ also gives you 3 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium, so it helps
fill you up to curb overeating.*

Love is in the Hair Hot Cacao
With Collagen, Keratin, and Actrisave ™

Our latest functional hot cacao is packed with ingredients to help nourish and replenish your
hair.* It starts with raw cacao itself, which boosts circulation to the scalp to support full, healthy
hair.* Bonus: by protecting hair follicles from free radical damage, cacao also helps prevent
premature graying!*

This great-tasting hot cacao mix includes the structural proteins collagen and keratin peptides,
hair-loving nutrients like biotin and vitamin C, and a proprietary blend of botanicals. And finally,
let us introduce Actrisave ™ , a patented extract of black rice and cactus flower. This dynamic duo
may support healthy hair formation and growth by providing powerful antioxidant protection for
hair dermal papilla cells.*

Stanomax Caffe Latte
with Hemp Extract

Stanomax, our functional caffe latte for male sexual potency, just got an upgrade with hemp
extract! Hemp has naturally occurring cannabinoids that can help you feel calm and let go of the
stress jitters many guys get in the bedroom.*

We think it’s the perfect addition to our blend of traditional male potency herbs, such as
Curculigo orchioides (also known as kali musli) and Korean ginseng extracts, which help boost
testosterone and stamina.* And of course, coffee itself is a natural stimulant that improves
performance and increases healthy blood flow.*

You’ll find them all in our store. Let us know what you think!

* FDA disclaimer


1 Majeed et al. International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research. 2016;4(11):10-17,

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