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Announcing the Grand Reopening of Cao Nguyen Coffee – A Legacy Since 1938!

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of the grand reopening of Cao Nguyên Coffee, a cherished Vietnamese coffee brand with a rich heritage dating back to 1938. Our journey began over eight decades ago, rooted in a passion for crafting the finest coffee experiences, and now, we’re embarking on a new chapter to bring you an even more exceptional coffee experience.

A Glimpse into Our History:

Cao Nguyên Coffee has always been synonymous with quality, tradition, and the rich flavors of Vietnamese coffee culture. For generations, our family has nurtured the art of coffee cultivation and roasting in the breathtaking highlands of Vietnam, where the unique terrain and climate combine to create beans of unparalleled quality.

The Legacy Continues:

As we reopen our doors, our commitment to tradition and excellence remains unwavering. We’ve preserved the same time-honored roasting techniques that have made our coffee a beloved favorite for decades. Each coffee berry is still handpicked,  fermented and sun-dried, ensuring that every cup of Cao Nguyên coffee is a testament to our dedication to quality.

What’s New?

While we cherish our heritage, we’re also embracing the future. Our reopening brings exciting updates, we are cooperating with JBA Joy-Beauty-Ageless, to infusing Cao-Nguyen coffee with various health-promoting ingredients, including vitamins and herbals.  This innovation was driven by the growing consumer demand for functional and health-enhancing beverages.

Cao Nguyên Coffee has always been more than just coffee; it’s a tradition, a story, and a source of pride. We can’t wait to share a cup of our timeless brew with you once again.  

JBA’s line of coffee and the fusion of Cao Nguyen coffee with vitamins and herbals, represents a modern convergence of two consumer trends: the enduring love for coffee and the increasing interest in health and wellness. This innovative pairing offers individuals a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate essential vitamins into their daily routine while savoring their favorite beverage.

We look forward to welcoming you to try JBA’s coffee and continuing this incredible journey together. 

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