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Love Your Health (Part 1)

You’ve heard the standard health advice before: Eat well, exercise, get plenty of sleep, maintain
your social connections, and get regular physical exams and blood tests. But when you look at
your lab results, are you fixated on your cholesterol and triglycerides? If so, you’re neglecting
something just as important — your blood sugar!

Most of us think about blood sugar in terms of how it affects our mood or energy. But your blood
sugar impacts so much more…your weight, your vision, your sleep, your blood pressure, and
your heart. What if your morning Joe could do double duty, helping you wake up while also
balancing your blood sugar?

Meet Our Latest Functional Coffee

JBA Hello Healthy Glucose Caffe Latte delivers the energy boost and delicious taste you expect
from your first cup of coffee. But it’s got a secret: a specially formulated botanical blend that
helps maintain blood sugar already within normal limits.* We sneaked in the following functional
ingredients to our rich, aromatic instant coffee without affecting the true coffee taste AT ALL!

  •  Cinnamon, cordyceps mushrooms, and ABALife® fig extract are all tried and true
    botanicals that help you maintain blood sugar balance* ABALife® fig extract has been
    shown to significantly improve insulin response in human clinical research conducted at
    the University of Sydney.*
  • Mangiferin, a compound from mango leaves, blocks enzymes that break down starchy
    carbs, so your body never converts them to sugar.* We’d say that’s pretty sweet, except
    Hello Healthy Glucose Caffe Latte is 100% sugar-free.

Bonus: Steady Energy

All caffeinated coffee gives you energy. But typically, it’s a rollercoaster kind of energy: It brings
you up fast, only to drop you down hard after a few hours.

JBA Hello Healthy Glucose Caffe Latte is different — it helps you maintain optimal energy
throughout the day. That’s because when your blood sugar is stable, you don’t experience the
spikes and drops that can lead to energy crashes. Instead, your energy stays steady, so you
can focus on whatever your busy day holds. Hello, morning energy! Goodbye, afternoon slump!

JBA Hello Healthy Glucose Caffe Latte is the perfect way to get going in the morning and stay
going all day long. Just pour a packet into a mug, add 4-6 ounces hot water, stir, and it’s ready
to roll. Just like you.

* FDA disclaimer

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