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Love Your Body

It’s a new year and a chance for a fresh start. If one of your goals is a healthier, slimmer, more
active you, then we’ve got good news!

Our delicious, sugar-free JBA Collagen BeThin Mocktail™ does double duty. Not only is it a
healthier swap for traditional cocktails, but it’s full of beneficial ingredients like collagen peptides,
psyllium fiber, and botanicals that support your health, activity, and weight goals.*

Just look at these natural benefits:

Appetite Control and Blood Sugar Balance

Slimming down is one of the most common New Year resolutions, but certainly not the easiest.
While many supplements claim to help with weight loss, most are not backed up by clinical
studies showing they actually work.

Collagen BeThin Mocktail™ is no tease. It gives you science-backed support for weight
management with CurCousin™, a compound naturally found in turmeric.* CurCousin™ has
been clinically shown to support healthy weight by inhibiting the formation of fat cells.*1

We also added a hefty dose of psyllium husk, a form of dietary fiber that helps slow the
digestive process.* This action helps keep your blood sugar levels stable while also curbing
your appetite, making it easier to stick to a weight loss diet.*

Healthy Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Psyllium fiber has some bonus benefits, too. It has the awesome ability to bind with fatty acids in
your bloodstream and help transport them through your digestive system as waste.* As a result,
psyllium helps you maintain cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within a healthy range,
which helps keep your heart healthy.*

Muscle and Joint Health

In case that’s not enough to smile about, Collagen BeThin Mocktail™ also supports the health
of your muscles and joints, with marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid.* Collagen is a
protein that helps build connective tissues like cartilage, and hyaluronic acid is a compound that
helps cushion the joints.* Both are naturally found in your body but tend to decline with age.

Set Yourself Up for Success

New Year’s resolutions start to slip when they feel too much like a chore. But taking care of your
body is an act of self-love – why shouldn’t it be fun? Our Collagen BeThin Mocktail™ helps turn
your health and beauty routine into a celebration. Cheers to that – and to the new you!

* FDA disclaimer

1 Majeed M, Majeed A, Pandey A, et al., International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma
Research. 2016; 4(11): 10-17.

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