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Springtime Is Busy Time

Awakening from our sluggish winter hibernation, curled up tight against the cold and dark, against which we scurry to escape – we step into spring with a jaunty energy.

The desire to do, do, do, go, go, go, is strong, as we shake off sodden cobwebs.

1Romance is in the springtime air – and in the water and on land – as species get busy making their next generation. In humans, however, the resurged urge to merge among humans is not always motivated by creating a baby.

As men seek to rejuvenate their energy, it is best to stay away from those products that make us soar and crash, like a slingshot.

Instead, look to nourish your natural ability to produce energy through improving stamina – that targeted, focused endurance tinged with pleasure.

Coffee is a well-known and consumed beverage to wake up or stay up and be alert. It is a natural stimulant that heightens energy production, improving performance.

Marine collagen peptides, known primarily for helping to create healthy skin, hair, and nails- as well as support joint structure and function, has another use for men.

Because collagen is a key structural protein that keeps your tissues firm and healthy, it is also a major component of the penis. Unfortunately, collagen levels naturally decline with age.1

Asian traditional botanicals have empirical and clinical evidence for their use in stimulating male sexual interest and performance. For example, cordyceps (a fungus), Korean ginseng and Kali musli (Curculigo orchioides) all target male libido and have been validated to help boost sexual performance and increased satisfaction of sexual encounters. Aloe vera, well known as a topical skin hydration and sunburn soother, is consumed internally for promoting sperm quality, count and motility.2

Enjoying a robust sex life, especially in the spring when warmth and light increase, improves outlook and mood. Sex releases dopamine, the pleasure hormone, and oxytocin, the bonding hormone.3

Men can enhance their romantic escapades not with a pill but with a tasty coffee blend made from Vietnamese coffee. Stanomax Caffe Latte, which is listed on FDA’s DailyMed, provides a brew teeming with libido-promoting botanicals plus marine collagen peptides and amino acid that nourish male function.

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