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How Coffee Empowers Women’s Well-being

If you are a woman who enjoys her morning (and daytime) brew, we have great news. Coffee can nourish your health and well-being in several ways, beyond just providing outstanding energy to power through your days.

Numerous studies have confirmed the health benefits of coffee, looking at levels of one to four cups or more per day. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, healthy women can enjoy three to five cups per day (or a maximum content of 400 mg caffeine per day).

Blood pressure

Two major studies have shown a connection between coffee drinking and blood pressure. One significant population study, the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study of 29,985 women, found that contrary to widespread belief, drinking coffee did not negatively impact blood pressure.2

Another, the 24-year Nurses’ Health Study of 83,076 women, had even more surprising results. It found that coffee drinking actually helps maintain blood pressure levels already within a healthy range.1

Blood sugar

Many studies have shown that drinking coffee can help promote healthy blood sugar levels. In the Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals’ Follow-up Study of men and women, researchers found that long-term coffee drinking helped maintain blood sugar levels already within a healthy range.3


Drinking coffee is also excellent for protecting skin health. Findings of a meta-analysis suggested that drinking anywhere between one to three cups of coffee daily supported a healthy skin cell life cycle.4


In another published paper from the same study, researchers focused on coffee and joint function in an adjusted model of 31,336 women. They found that consuming caffeinated coffee was not associated with degradation of the joint structure.5


There was an important epidemiological study of 41,836 women aged 55 to 69 who were followed for 15 years known as the Iowa Women’s Health Study. Researchers found that women who drink coffee enjoyed heart health benefits.6

Coffee with Extra Benefits

Imagine the benefits of coffee expertly blended with nutraceuticals for improving skin.  JBA™ Hello Beautiful Caffe Latte is a delicious brew crafted by a woman especially for women.

This rich, ready-to-drink coffee is infused with 1,000 mg marine collagen peptides plus vitamin E, amino acids and a proprietary blend containing cordyceps, aloe vera extract, elastin, ginger extract, lemon extract, lemongrass extract and pine bark extract.  Hello Beautiful Caffe Latte improves skin hydration and elasticity, reduces appearance of wrinkles, and supports luminous-looking skin.

Wake up to a beautiful and healthy life with Hello Beautiful Caffe Latte.

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