JBA ATIV M2 CAFE 5000mg Collagen Peptides


Crave Your Wellness 

Coffee That Makes You Better

Good news for all the guys and gals that don’t like to swallow pills! Now you can get 5000 mg Collagen peptides in your morning coffee, with delicious ATIV™ M2. Made with rich, creamy instant coffee, it’s the daily wellness ritual you’ll actually enjoy.*

Discover rich and creamy JBA™ ATIV M2 Coffee with 5000mg Collagen Peptides

  • Essential Amino Acids in 5000 mg collagen peptides (from bovine)

Package Quantity:15

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5000 mg Collagen Peptides

  • Coffee for Skin, Hair, Nail and Joint support*

Rejuvenate Skin, Hair & Nails & Joint*

With 5,000 mg collagen peptides to help replenish collagen levels for firmer, plumper, younger-looking and stronger , healthier hair, nails and joints.*

Reverse The Signs Of Aging*

With 5,000 mg collagen peptides to support muscles and joint health, support control healthy blood sugar and support immune health.*

Support Bone Health*

Studies note that with 5000 mg Collagen peptides daily may help inhibit the bone breakdown.*

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